Please excuse the craptastic flash photography of a black piece of knitting that just doesn't want to be photographed. It's black, so of course it's for me!

Admittedly, this has been on the needles a couple of months. It's Suvi's 'Baby Cables and Big Ones Too' (Rav link) and I started it when we were still in Holland. I got to the point just before separating for the armholes and it needed me to try it on and we were driving to Italy and, well, it didn't get any further.

And so this evening I'm going to thread it onto scrap yarn and just try the thing on.

I need something to do of an evening. If my hands aren't busy then my head starts to get skewy and that's not good. There isn't always the time or brain power to work on designs so hopefully by jumping this hurdle I'll have me some chill out knitting.

For those who want details, I'm using some King Cole Anti-Tickle Merino which started life bright yellow as a gift from Susoolu. (btw - where have you disappeared to m'dear?) There is one last skein that's a bit patchy and needs an extra dunk in a dye pot, but I might just have enough. (think I had 12 x 50g skeins and hoping to wing it from 11?) Oh, and I'm knitting the size M/37". Can't remember the yardage needed or what I've got but I will check before I post the FO. Because I will finish it. I will.

ETA - this was the last time I knitted something for myself. It's been too long.

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