There's an old thread on Ravelry that I've just found, asking people to video themselves knitting and post the results, so here's mine! (late to the party as always)

I knit 32 stitches (2 x 1 ribbing) in 46 seconds, meaning it takes me just under 1.5 seconds to knit (or purl) one stitch. Have no idea how that compares - is that fast? And yep, I'm a English thrower ;)

I'm reknitting the Rib swatches for the Kitchener book after a thought or two. When I did the tutorials for Going Straight, I used oddments from my stash and used a different colour for each tutorial. This time I also started working with oddments from my stash, but then I realised that Going Straight was originally intended for full colour printing and so coloured yarns weren't a problem. And while the b&w photos look fine in the 2nd edition, I thought it might be better to start off with using yarns that work best in b&w for the new book - mainly very pale colours.

I've only got about 15 swatches to reknit and about 50 or so photos to take again, but compared to how many there could be that's not that much. Taking the photos for the tutorials is not the most difficult aspect of the book, and I'm happy to rework them for clarity.

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