Don't worry, I'm not going to stop designing Hats! And yes, they do go hand in hand - if I hadn't have wanted to explore and design sideways Hat, I wouldn't be taking on this mammoth task now.

One of things I want to do in the book is find a new and quick way of naming the 4 basic elements of kitchener. i.e. most people know the rhythm of stocking stitch kitchener, yes? It goes a bit like this...

  1. Insert needle knitwise, slip stitch of needle
  2. Insert needle purlwise, leave stitch on needle
  3. Insert needle purlwise, slip stitch off needle
  4. Insert needle knitwise, leave stitch on needle

What I'm aiming to do is to find a quicker and abbreviated way of naming these, so that once we're into the flow in the book it will be much quicker to say it something like this:-

  1. KO
  2. P
  3. PO
  4. K

Or, I could try this....

  1. KO
  2. PL
  3. PO
  4. KL

although personally I prefer the first set of abbreviations - that one letter difference is an extra indicator to the eye that something is different - the 2nd set is more likely to cause mixups because they look similar, well, more similar than the first set.

With me?

So, with the first set, Garter Stitch (ridge low) Kitchener goes a bit like this....

  1. PO
  2. K
  3. PO
  4. K

Does this seem like a good way of abbreviating? I need to do it somehow - as well as all the extra space a full explanation takes up, I think the brain picks up little ditto's and sequences easier if they're shorter...

As always, your thoughts on this are most welcome!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead