My apologies for the missing contents from yesterday's blog post - somehow it got lost during publishing which really annoyed me as it was an interesting post (well, I think so ;) that had taken me a long time to write! Just as I was fully in the zone, the internet let me down again.

Anyhow's, I've been reminded that simply hitting 'save' isn't sufficient and that 43 back up copies are the only way to save your work.

I'm having a funny day today regarding the Kitchener book. The more positive feedback I receive about the tutorials in Going Straight or about the PDF tutorial the more daunting it all gets. It's not the tutorials or the writing or the kitchener itself that's giving me the heebies, it's the fact that a thorough guide to Kitchener Stitch hasn't been done before (unless someone knows differently?). Really, who do I think I am to take on this task?! I'm not one of the knitting greats, I don't have the big-name reputation. I'm just a kooky knitter who's slightly OCD about Hats and working things out and getting things right.

So rather than get caught up in all the self-doubt and worry from the glare, I've been reminding myself that I'm doing this book because I can. I understand kitchener and it's essences, and I enjoy it, so why not? Working it all out is fun!

And now I have to go and start writing. The Ribbing chapter is done, the Lace and Cable chapters sorted out in my head (grafting eyelets is easy!) so they need to be documented.

Hoorah for mad ideas!

ETA - wanna know something funny? All the tutorials in Going Straight took me a week to do. A week! And now I hear that some people have bought that book for the tutorials alone, which makes me wonder whether designing Hats is my forte ;)

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