I know, another book question! But I really do appreciate your feedback - after all you could be potential customers so better I know your preferences, no?

I've been pondering the option of having 'Kitchener Unravelled' as a PDF E-book. It's pretty common now for patterns and pattern books, it's easy to print off just the pattern you're working on to carry it around with you for ease of use. But does that work for a techniques book? These are the reference section of your library, and do you use them in the same way?

I can make PDF's for reviews ahead of publishing - I am aiming to do a better job of marketing this one. Having said that, my publisher has already had enquiries about it, and yesterday a thread popped up on the Techniques board in the main six on Ravelry about it.... so no pressure!

My main concern with a PDF for this one is the usage and licensing... haven't got all the wording right yet, but it will along the same lines as stitch dictionaries, and I don't want sections of the book posted online. I know, I know, copyright and all that and I don't want to open a can of worms, but it has crossed my mind and I do need to consider it.

Spiral bound is the preference for print format, so any thoughts on the PDF option? Thanks in advance!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead