I have been trying to write a new blog post every day to discipline myself, and have been doing quite well with only 2 days missed since the 28th December. But with Aran falling ill, I've run out of energy.

The little fella is a lot better. There is still a faint sign of the rash and a couple of potentially sore areas (mainly in the nappy region) but otherwise he's looking healthier. His spirits are up, and he is sleeping better, although he's still waking occassionally at night and his apetite hasn't quite settled. All in all, it's not as bad as it could have been and for that we are very grateful.

To keep my wandering mind at bay I've been doing fiddly, tweaky kinds of things when I have 10 mins to myself (being as, for me at least, designing a Hat pattern or writing a book chapter takes far more brain power than website fiddling). You may notice a few different things around the website. Funny, really... I've done far less work over this last week yet it doesn't seem that way! And really, I should stop berating myself for not getting enough done, because I'm still pretty productive even when I think I'm being a slacker.

The weather has been rather weird lately - we've had daytime temperatures of 16.5 degress, and it hasn't gone below 10 degrees these last few nights. It's been ideal for getting some fresh air, and that's never a bad thing.

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