Ok, 2008 wasn't an unproductive year ;)

Whilst I was playing around looking at all the designs I did in 2008, I got a bit carried away and organised all the others by year too. It turned out to be a useful exercise - helping me keep track of what I've done and when, and also giving me something constructive to blog about!

So here's the breakdown year by year....
(Listed by the year they were written, not published, and not chronological within the year)


35 designs:-  1) Arbacia, 2) Baby Tri-Peak, 3) Baby Rollin' Beret, 4) Baby Jester, 5) Baby I-Cord, 6) Coldharbour Twist, 7) Bridget, 8) Sideways Bobble Hat, 9) Pixie Flora (v1), 10) Pixie Flora (v2), 11) Lucy, 12) Windward, 13) Twinkle, 14) Trinity, 15) Sweet Winkie, 16) Strudel, 17) Strawberry Joe, 18) Reverser, 19) Rainbow Warrior, 20) Pickelhaube, 21) Marrow Joe, 22) Guimauve, 23) Gyroscope, 24) Enroule, 25) Dulcie, 26) Dryad, 27) Daisy, 28) Curlicue, 29) Centuria, 30) Carousel, 31) Candy Pi, 32) Bob Cap, 33) Bella, 34) Alfie, 35) Abalone


30 designs :-  1) Bobba Hat, 2) Bobble Beret, 3) Cabled Cap, 4) Igloo, 5) Loopy Bonnet, 6) Runnin' Beanie, 7) Roadsta, 8) Trellis Beret, 9) Ribba (v1), 10) Playboy, 11) My Dear Stalker, 12) Scrappy Flapper, 13) Funky Flapper, 14) Spring Cap, 15) Sloppy Joe, 16) Spiral Play, 17) Pleated Beret, 18) Ribbed Beanie, 19) Loopy Flapper, 20) Flappy Cabler, 21) Jester Hat, 22) Handspun Beanie, 23) Tudor Cap, 24) Whirly Rib Cap, 25) I-Cord Beanie, 6) Ribba (v2), 27) Hex Hat, 28) Urchin Cap, 29) Hat of Horns, 30) Hexed


4 designs:-  1) Tri-Peak, 2) Tea-Cozy Hat, 3) Slightly Loopy, 4) Rollin' Beret

Interesting, huh? 2007 yielded the most designs but I did write a book! 2005 the least, but I'd only just started and was still teaching full time. Kinda cool for me to see them all listed like this - helps my head get in order. There are a couple of crochet ones that I took down ages ago and haven't included those... I wasn't happy with the way they were written and suspected they may have an error or two. I am planning to revisit them and rework them, but that's near the bottom of a very long and impossible list.

It's taken me quite a while to compile all this so I really should get on and do something, although it's been worth it. I do really need to get focused and make good use of my time. My head's not in a good place, hasn't been for a while (could you tell?) so let's hope 2009 is year when I can finally shake the depression. At least for long enough so that I can remember what it's like not to have the dark illness...

AuthorWoolly Wormhead