Aran's temperature now seems to be back to normal and we all managed a few hours sleep during the night - the first real rest we've had in days. His new tooth still hasn't popped and he still has a cold, so the restlessness isn't over yet, but at least he's getting a bit better. It's hard work when you're all ill, especially with a baby, and all living in the same space. I think the worry has been affecting me more than the lack of sleep.

Jimmy popped by to see us this morning and he helped get the day off to a good start. Aran always squeals with excitement when he sees him or hears his name, and it's a good job Jimmy is such a friendly and tolerant cat!

I do wonder if Aran's love of cats has anything to do with Minky and Spook, being as they were there constantly for the first months of his life, and are two of the friendliest and most understanding cats I've ever met? Aran responds well to dogs, but he's absolutely a cat person.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead
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