Last week or so when I posted about the 'Kitchener Unravelled' book, and asked if there were any particular stitches readers' wanted to included, nearly everyone asked for lace! There will of course be a lace chapter, just as there will be a cables chapter and a rib chapter and so on.

Most of the chapters will have tutorials for how to graft a set number of stitch patterns (for instance the rib chapter currently includes 6 varieties but will no doubt grow) and then there'll be some sort of explanation or extra tutorials explaining how to apply the techniques to the stitch patterns not included in the book (after all, it will be impossible to include all known stitch patterns and combinations!)

The lace chapter, I suspect, will be a bit different. I will include tutorials for basic stitches - eyelet patterns etc, but really, the nature of lace is so wide and varied that I thought techniques on how to deal with yo's and the different decrease techniques would be more suitable - does that seem fair? Considering that the majority of lace knitters who would be willing to graft lace would probably be intermediate level or above, and so would be able to combine a number of techniques/tutorials to suit their own needs - am I wrong in thinking this? It certainly would be a better approach to this chapter from my perspective, but I would like to know what you all think!

The textured stitch chapters will be interesting, and probably pose me more challenges than the ribbing or cables chapters! Again, this section has so many different combinations and stitch patterns, yet there are many common ones that I could cover and then have the basics explained for adapting to different varieties & combinations.

I've only been working on the rib stitches lately, as this rotten cold is melting my brain and making it difficult to think. Add to that that Aran also has the cold, is also teething AND has a mild fever, leaving us all sleep deprived and grumpy.

Still, it's coming along, albeit rather slowly. Any feedback regarding the lace (and anything else you can think of for the book) will be stored in my brain and put to good use when it can function properly again!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead