Over on Ravelry in the Wormhead's Hats group, we have a couple of knit-a-longs planned for February.

The Sideways KAL used to be in it's own group but has now merged into the main group. Patterns are nominated - whether paid, single, freebies, from GS etc - and the top 3 nominations get put up for voting. The one with the most votes becomes the pattern of the month for the following month. In the past, these KALs have worked really well, I love seeing my patterns knitted up by so many people!

This month we're trying something new - The Vertical KAL - which is for any/all of my patterns that are knitted top-down or bottom-up (i.e. not sideways ;) For the V.KAL I've decided to try something out... instead of nominating and voting over the choice of pattern, I choose which one goes up. And as a bonus, I've made that pattern free for a few days!

So for February, the Vertical KAL pattern will be Traversa. There's a hiccup with the cart on this website (probably due to me changing it to free for a few days - am looking into the problem) so the easiest/safest way to get the pattern free is to download it direct from it's Ravelry page on the database. This might seem unfair to those who aren't yet members of Ravelry, but I guess this is a Rav exclusive...:) It is only free until the 17th, and after that anyone wanting to join the KAL has to pay.

The Sideways KAL is still waiting for nominations before patterns go up for voting, and this is a great KAL to join if you haven't tried one of my Sideways patterns yet and you want to have a stab at some new skills!

New faces are always welcome, so do pop by. The group has grown so much over the last few months and with nearly 1500 members, there are plenty of helpful and experienced knitters on hand!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead