Hoorah! Wee Woolly Toppers now has it's own ISBN and is available to buy in print from the same publisher as GS! I'm feeling all chuffed, as even though I don't think WWT is a real book (it's too wee) it is rather lovely having 2 ISBN's :D

I've been tweaking and fiddling (again) and have now updated all the pattern/store links to Ravelry. Of course I will add a note to the Sales page stating that you don't need to be a member of Ravery to purchase, though membership has it's benefits (incase you didn't know ;)

It makes my life easier to use Ravelry for digital sales on my website - much easier to have all my files in one place rather than 2 lots in different places - and the pricing structure is different and should save me money in the long run. I have had no problems with E-junkie, infact I highly recommend them if anyone is looking for such a service (with them you can combine tangibles in the cart).

And hey, I designed my own cart buttons too!

Now I am going to stop working and chill some. Haven't really knitted much lately, think this cold has taken it's toll, though we are feeling better today. I've spied a Japanese Hat pattern book, so methinks it's time to go shopping and get those Japanese stitch dictionaries too :) Nothing like a little retail therapy, huh?

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