So, here we are!

We've been having rotten trouble getting online.... the site we're on has it's own wireless network, but we're parked up out of range so I have to cycle up to the main building to get a connection - so I'll get some exercise, if nothing else ;)

Our ferry crossing was smooth, we believe, as we slept through it soundly. We got lost heading for Amsterdam (of course) and finally met up with friends some few hours later. After only a couple of hours our hot water pipe burst and started to flood the bus.... it seems we were sold the wrong piping - it literally exploded from the heat and pressure - so after a swift plumbing job by Mr Tom it all got sorted.

We spent the first few days on that first site, then came across town to here, known locally as the ADM. It's a pretty organised site, rather green and quiet up our end. The weather has been pants (imagine the climate of Manchester) as Slipped Stitch commented, with only 2 sunny days which happened to coincide with a festival held on site.

This site is an old dock yard, so plenty of boats around - this one was a cafe, although not buggy friendly so we couldn't try the food. Below is another sight from the festival - a suspended brass band!

We're parke dup in Sheila's old pitch, between Tom's old trailer (now inhabited by someone else) and one of Tom and Sheila's pieces of handiwork - a pirate ship built from car bumpers.

Aran has been enjoying himself - he seems to love it! He's been up on the boat, out and about strapped to Tom on the bike, and has settled really well. He even slept to 9am this morning without screaming for food.

Well, that's all for now - my laptop battery is about to die, and we need to go and grumble to the shop that sold us a wireless reciever booster that doesn't boost at all.

More soon, I promise hope! This lack of internet is a serious culture shock....

AuthorWoolly Wormhead