I've been toying with the idea of a mystery Hat KAL.... I could do with doing something fun right now!

Think it was BabyLongLegs who originally suggested it at Woolfest last year, as a kinda promotion for Going Straight... but thinking about it more, a sideways pattern isn't really practical with a mystery KAL, being as the sideways method needs most or all of the instructions straight away, whereas the point of a mystery KAL is getting the instructions bit by bit. Hmm....

So, that leaves the vertical top-down/bottom-up way of working, which is cool. I have a couple of designs in progress that would be suitable. DK/Aran weight yarn, and possible with some lace, which would make them ideal for winter or summer, depending on the yarn used.

I've put a post on the Wormhead's Hat group on Ravelry also, as I could do with some feedback... basically, would people be interested, and would it be worth my while doing? Is a Hat pattern long enough to sustain a mystery KAL that lasts, say, a month? Do I post it here, on Rav (i.e. in the group) or both? Any other thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

PS - I've turned comments off as we're discussing it in the Ravelry group... where it's far easier to bounce ideas around.

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