Another baby post. But hey, for those that don't like babies, just pop back another time when there will be actual knitting content (promises, promises ;)

I seem to be having more luck uploading these to Blogger than I am to my Google albums, or even sending them as emails, which I guess means everyone gets to see them instead of just the grandparents ;) Google mail really doesn't like me and my slow connection right now.

Anyhows. Aran, being the little chap that he is, has been trying to stand for months now but of course always failed because, well, he was just too young. He's been trying to race ahead in the development game, as bless the poor fella, he's inherited his mothers' impatience. But with impatience comes determination, and now he's having more success.

I've not published videos before using Blogger's own function, so have no idea how this will work...

And there we have it! Can you tell that he really is a happy chappy? That hanging out with his parents and their new lifestyle suits him? Loads of fresh air, interesting sights and both parents all of the time.

And on the knitting front, I have been knitting. Oh yes! Feels like I've had a bit of a hiatus after finishing WWT, but that happened after GS too.... and I think it's only natural when you've done a large-ish collection of designs, and then had to sit and do all the formatting and fiddling, it kinda takes it out of you. Besides, I think there's also a little adjustment going on, y'know, to the new way of life as it were. I have been thinking of writing a few posts about site life... I'm no expert, but thought it might be interesting to share how some things work and what it's like, at least from my experience?

The sun is out again here, so we're off to enjoy it.

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