Well kinda, and kinda not!

I suppose it seems like we've been quiet, as I haven't been able to blog or email much. There's also been some work to do, which included getting Wee Woolly Toppers ready for printing, so the files could be uploaded to Lulu. Today the sun has been out, although not exactly warm as there's a fair bit of wind, but this meant I could cycle up to the 'house' at the other end of the site (i.e. right next to the wifi source!), and sit outside and do my stuff. So now Wee Woolly Toppers is available to buy as a printed booklet too.

Whilst there, and before my fingers went completely numb, I uploaded a few photos of what we've been up to lately.

Tom's been making a few modifications to the bus, the most important being a bed for Aran. We do have a travel cot that Tom's nan bought us, but it was getting to be a right nuisance putting it up every night then taking it down every morning, not to mention the space it took up.

So we abonded the shower plans, which is no real surprise! Most of the sites we'll be staying at have showers, and getting to warm up the water in the bus would take fuel and time, making it a luxury we can live without. The space reserved for the shower has now become Aran's 'bedroom'.

This is a work in progress, and will look much snazzier when we're done, I promise! It's a full size cot mattress, so the bed extends into the back of the larder cupboards (the top 2 cupboards are now shallower) and will last him until he's about 2 to 3 yrs old. We will eventually make that end of it into a cab of a spaceship, as we have plans to snaz up the whole area.

Underneath the bed we're extending the storage, and there will be 4 deep pull-out drawers... mostly for Aran's stuff, but also for those extra large things that won't fit anywhere else.

Aran's bed may not look pretty at the moment, but it is fully child-friendly and he's already been sleeping in it - and thankfully he's happy in there! It's a bit odd, as this is the furthest he's ever slept from us, but I suppose that's no bad thing.... there was nowhere else we could build the cot without ripping out the whole interior of the bus and starting from scratch.

One thing we realised very quickly after setting sail in the bus, was that the narrow shelves at the top of the shelving unit weren't much use as they were, and would be much more suitable as cupboards, for all that small tat that everyone has. So the top shelf is no more, as you can see above.

They haven't been primed or painted yet, none of the new work has - that needs a run of warm, sunny days so we can sit outside and avoid the stinky paint, and I doubt that will happen until spring now.

After blocking up these shelves and adding doors, we figured we'd also turn the shelf below into cupboards, too, so that's what Tom is working on today. We don't want to turn the whole wall into cupboards, but a few extras tidy it all up and make it much easier and safer when we're on the move, when everything has to strapped down or locked in. My working stash has been kept in boxes on some of the shelves, and that will be much more practical kept behind doors.

We've also added an extra run of narrow cupboards on the opposite side of the bus... at the moment the fronts aren't on and it's just shelves, but you get the idea. Again for small stuff, mostly kitcheny things, and the one at the far end will become my WIP cupboard ;)

All in all not huge modifications, but it's taken a while as we need the weather to play nice, as Tom has been cutting & preparing all the wood up outside. The cot has been the biggest job, but now the structure is finished it's just cosmetics left, and we can do that as and when. Will try and post photos when we're finished!

Before I press the 'publish now' button and place this post in the hands of the internet gods (and hope that the connection doesn't die right at that moment) here's a few local photos...

Above is a view of the site we're on from the other side of the lake. This all belongs to the former ship yard, and we can easily walk round... infact, it's one of our routes when we take the little guy out for a walk. Behind where I'd be standing when taking this photo is one of the main ferry routes into Amsterdam, a huge and wide river.

Below is a photo taken from pretty much the same point as the one above, only looking down stream into the industrial estate, with the river to the right. There are wind turbines all around us, and it's rather awe inspiring to stand directly underneath one!

I've missed a few birthdays since we've been here.... Susoolu, Wye Sue and Carina. I'm sorry ladies not to have been able to at least send you a text on the day, but I was thinking about you, and I hope you each had a great day :)

That's all for now! No typical holiday or touristy photos, but then, were you really expecting them?

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