As you'd imagine, there are a fair few animals on site; mostly dogs, but a few cats too. There's a young female tabby who likes to come and visit us - we have no idea who she belongs to or what her name is. We don't give her food to encourage her yet she still loves to come in and get comfy. She doesn't always stay long - like any site cat she's always on the look out for her next meal.

Aran smiles and giggles when he sees her, and reaches out to her like he used to with Minky and Spook; they were very tolerant when he touched them or grabbed their hair. It's hard to stop him now and try to explain that we don't know this cat and she might not be so receptive.

I love it when she wanders in, meows, and makes for the softest spot, yet at the same time I don't want to encourage her and face heartbreak when we leave. The more time she spends with us, the more I miss Minky and Spook, and on days like today whe she's around I do wonder if we've done the right thing. The lady they live with now does keep me up to date about how they're getting on, which I really appreciate. Yet when I write back I'm conscious that I still sound as if they're my cats... I suppose that's only natural, I doubt I'll ever be able to not think of them as my cats.... even though they're not anymore.

Methinks we may have to stop this new little lady from visiting, as it makes me too sad. One of life's funny little twists, eh?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead