Thanks for all the great feedback on 'Wee Woolly Toppers' - I'm glad you like them!

And now finally, it's ready. There's further photos and info on my website, including the licencing info - clicky here. It's available for the princely sum of £5.

This was designed as a budget collection - as said before, no tutorials are included, as all the techniques used are pretty common. Likewise, the page count isn't huge - I'm flattered people have called this a book but it isn't really, it's more of a booklet. This is deliberate; yeah, I could have added all the tutorials needed. I could have made a book of it, but I didn't want to; these techniques have been done to death. No frills, no padding, just the patterns. Keeps my budget down and your pocket healthier.

It's all up on Ravelry too, the patterns and the source - clicky here. It's not set up yet for purchase through Ravelry, only from my website at the moment, but hopefully it will be soon.

Special thanks to MLQ for tech editing and to all the test knitters for their excellent work and help. Those who are owed a copy of the PDF will get one as soon as the network lets me send you one!

We keep trying to tell Aran he's going to be famous, but he doesn't seem too bothered.

(he's going to be 6 months old on saturday - yikes!)

And now I'm going to relax a bit with a rum and orange (hey, it's all we have!) after my day of battling with the internet.


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