... all the paperwork we need arrived within the space of a few days.

Hooray hooray! We have 3, yes all 3 passports, all valid and ready to go!
(I won't bore you with the details of how the passport office messed with my head right until the very end, 'cos who cares now... they're here, we won :)

And finally the DVLA saw sense and said yes, your vehicle is no longer a bus and is indeed a motorhome!

The DVLA, being yet another government body, could have been really awkward about the reregistration and insisted upon visits to the vehicle, specialist examination and so on, yet didn't. Weird, being as it's really hard these days to change a vehicle type, even if it is bleedin' obvious. But hey, we ain't complainin' ;)

The bus paperwork isn't as essential as the passports, but having the authorities approve our changes will save us money in road tax, and avoid the guy who does the MOT having further aruguements with VOSA.

There isn't much left in this flat apart from the furniture we're sitting on and what we need for day to day living. We've a few more bags to take to the charity shop, but that's about it. If I had my way I'd be vacating and giving up this flat yesterday, but as you know I live with Mr Sensible and he's putting the brakes on for a few days. (dammit. I've waited years to get out of this place. let.me.go.)

Likewise, now we've got all the paperwork (hooray again!) I want to book the ferry and be off, but Mr Sensible wants to wait until the MOT on friday, just incase there are any problems. As if, but hey. There's still minor work to be done on the bus, but nothing urgent and nothing we can't live without. It'll be a lot easier when we're parked up to do these things, rather than juggling time as we are now between here and Essex.

We will be booking the ferry before the week is out though. Just try and stop me....

AuthorWoolly Wormhead