Well, not quite, but nearly.

We've booked the ferry!

Departure:- Monday 25th August @ 11.45pm from Harwich, England
Arrival:- Tuesday 26th August @ 7.15am at Hook of Holland

First stop - Amsterdam. Have no idea how long we'll stay there, as long as we please I guess. From there is probably Germany - Tom has friends with a young baby (who was born while we were all at Glastonbury last year) who live out in the sticks. After that is undecided, although we'll need to sort out where we spend the winter (i.e. where the weather is kindest) We are hoping to hook up with Maylin (Tom also has friends in France) and PurlPower (if she's still in Spain then!) but that probably won't be until early spring.

Can't believe it's finally going to happen. We've been planning our escape for 3 1/2 years now, THREE AND A HALF YEARS! After all the set backs, we've soldiered on and made it all real. We're in Essex today and Irina, my step-mum, asked me if there was any doubt about going.... I think she was surprised at the resounding "no" she got as her answer ;)

Barp did fail her MOT on friday, but only on her handbrakes (which needed adjusting) and after which she sailed through. So having got that sorted I think Tom was happy to let loose of the reigns and plough ahead. It still seems like an age away to me, but then I remind myself that this time in 2 weeks we'll no longer have a flat in London and will be in Holland, and I cheer up very muchly.

2 weeks man, wahoo!

Bring it on ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead