Whilst doing the final clearout and sorting through all the piles of toot, I found a few things worth sharing.

Some school reports....

Make of those what you will ;) This Maths report seems to tell the story of my life....

Now for some early knitting evidence:-

A doll my mum made me, dressed in an outfit I knitted. Here's some more clothes I knitted for her....

A sun dress and sun Hat combo (above), trousers and another dress (below). The sun Hat was always my favourite piece. Funny, that.

Now, before you click to enlarge for closer scrunity, please remember that I was only about 7 or 8 years old, maybe younger, when I knitted these, and I had no idea about finishing techniques! Or knitting in the round, for that matter. Think the moths may have been at them at some point, too, so they're all set for a hot bath.

I would share some early mug-shots of ourselves only Mr Tom won't let me. Spoil sport. Neither can I confirm ferry dates yet, but it's cool, it's being sorted.

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