Feeling stressed today.

Remember that ages ago, last year, we started the big clear out and downsizing, ready for moving into the bus? Well, due to books and babies that got put on hold, and lo and behold the toot that remained has multiplied. Where on earth does it all come from?

This sorting out business is making my brain ache. We're having to move into the bus in dribs and drabs, which doesn't help. Ideally, we'd like to bring the bus up here and shift it all in in one day... yet due to the new emission zone charge we'd be stung for £200 for each day for that pleasure. So instead we're taking it down in car-fulls, which of course is far cheaper in fuel costs and kinder to the environment. Not.

Now, I think it is commendable to want to improve the air quality in central London, but 200 smackers a day? The thief who stole our car got away with less. Any diesel vehicle over a certain age and weight get's stung, despite our lady's engine being as good as new and able to run on up to 50% bio fuel without a conversion. There isn't an exemption category for "I can't afford a new vehicle" or "I can't afford to pay the charge" or "we're 50% bio-diesel" or even "check my emissions and see how low they really are". Our bus is hardly old by diesel vehicle standards, she's only 12 years old, and is barely run in (read ultra low mileage) so the engine is as sweet as. It doesn't help that they still think she's a bus, not a motorhome. Don't they know it takes more energy to make a brand spanking new vehicle than that vehicle will ever use in it's life?

So we're forced to run our clapped out 17 year old estate car that is hardly economical on fuel and emmissions backwards and forwards, paying £2 a time for toll charges on top (the Dartford tunnel is the curse of our lives).

Ok, rant over. Consider this reason to leave the country no. 65,187.

Mind you, there'll be a deluge of vehicles ripe for converting being sold cheap because companies won't be able to afford the charge.... so guess where we'll be shopping when we need an upgrade...

Barp is coming along a treat, and even though you might not notice much difference in these photos, a lot of work has been done lately!

All of those shelves are for my books, and the under sofa area is all for my stash and equipment... and there's a *lot* of space! Tom has his 'shed' under the bed, accessible from the back doors.

The other job that needs to be sorted is Aran's passport application and my passport renewal. Each time I take the forms along to be checked at the PO, there's something stupidly wrong with them. Like "that letter is too close to the edge of the box". Yet another delay.

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