I'm lovin' the name suggestions for the baby Hats collection - please keep them coming! I'll possibly use a mix of 2 suggestions, in which case both commenters will get a copy of the PDF.

We've been in Essex this week, where the madness has kicked in. Tom has been working flat out on trying to get the bus to a suitable point.... the insurance company want photos for an evaluation, so tidying up the exterior paintwork has been this week's job.

I take it all little boys like to copy their daddies?

We keep trying to get the little dude to understand that he is only 3 1/2 months old and can't drive buses. Mind you, he shouldn't be rolling right over from his back to his tummy or crawling yet but he is. Yep, Aran has started to crawl.... fun, fun, fun ;)

Right, back to my knitting. I've got baby Hats to finish and test knitters to email!

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