New life, new hair, right?

And boy do I feel better for it! There's still work to be done... whenever you cut dreads the ends unravel and you're left with a kinda straight whispy curly bit, so once these appear they'll be woven back in for a neat finish. Might even use some silver wire to crimp the ends.

Tom's still recovering from the shock of cutting so much off... over 8" in places, 3 years of growth. Yet I prefer my dreads shorter and bouncier. Even though I lust over long ones, they just don't suit me and my hair is too weak and feeble to take the weight. And hey, I'm not precious about hair... it's there to have fun with!


I've been stalking Facebook, and am cheered to read this morning that Minky and Spook are settling in well. In fact, they're doing better than expected, proving further that they've found the right home.

And the passport office have apologised for one of their mistakes, and are processing Aran's new application, so with any luck (fingers crossed) both our passports will be back soon enough.

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