We're feeling more optimistic today. I've managed to get hold of an old friend I used to work with, who's a teacher and her husband a dentist, so we'll get Aran's passport counter-signed *again* and sent off. They won't defeat us ;)

The one CD-rom that has all the old photos of the girls as kittens is refusing to open on any of the 4 computers we have at the moment, so after some lengthy searching through all the hard drives I've managed to find a few low res shots. (meantime Tom is searching for some recovery software)

So here we have (click to make biggable)....

And just for the hell of it, here's some old shots of me that have been hiding for a couple of years....

PS/ they refused the counter-signee on Aran's passport, saying they don't accept retired professionals. However they accepted it for mine, and their paperwork says that retired professionals are fine....

My old passport has been returned to us today, with the wrong frigging post code on it, even though it was correct on the form. They also screwed up with Tom's renewal a couple of years ago by making him 2 years younger than he is, despite his previous passport having the correct date of birth. Now he has to 'pretend' he is younger 'cos the official paperwork says so.

PPS/ the photos of me... the left one was about 5 years ago in an old fave trilby. The right one was taken at Goldsmiths 9 years ago... it's a Hat I was making after we'd done a short course in millinery. Sadly, I don't have that Hat anymore - it was 2 ft tall and too big to store! And it never got finished... I'd dyed a whole load of tiny feathers to cover it with, and declared if I was ever to marry, that would be the Hat I would wear ;)

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