I've had another (another? check me!) article published - 'Going Indie' - a kinda beginners guide to self publishing patterns. It's not the be-all-and-end-all, because that would take a book not one article, but hopefully it will help a few folks along their way, with a few useful pointers

Which reminds me, I had an article on writing a book and self publishing published in the spring edition of Yarn Forward (did I mention this already?). Writing a book (and then self publishing it) is a completely different game to indie solo patterns. Note to self - try and get hold of a copy of the spring issue of YF....

So, let's not talk about passports. Or the Passport Office. 'Cos, let's remember, they are a government run office and can do what they like. And that includes using their 'discretion' over certain details included in those tight arsed do I really need to sign my life away? what do you mean my writing is 'too big'? forms. Because yes, they are allowed to accept one application form and then refuse the next that has EXACTLY the same counter-signature, the same details, because they feel like it. Even though it was signed and dated and checked (by that damn PO and approved!) at EXACTLY the same time as the other, and belong to members of the same family, one got rejected and one didn't. Back to square one. Again. (incase you are wondering, yes I needed a counter signature on my renewal too. Why? Well, who the hell looks like their passport photo anyway, let alone 1o years on?)

Aran seems able to sum up my mood rather well.

I'm trying to look on the positive side of things, and remember that this sort of stress makes me lose weight by the bucket load. It just drops off. It has been known to get me down to a UK6, but hey, I'd be happy with a UK10 right now, being as this is the first time I've really been much above that, so a bit of stress is good, no? Baby fat, begone I say, begone. Besides, I can't afford a whole new wardrobe.

PS/ I've cheated and written this the night before as it were, and used Bloggers' post dating function. Kinda thought it would be better to waffle whilst slightly under the influence (yep, I've been driven to booze) and get it out, rather than deal with it with a hangover the morning after, but not really deal with it now (i.e. last night) if you know what I mean...

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