... we have found Minky and Spook a safe new home. They will be going to their new carer next saturday, so this is our last week with them. It'll be a long time before the sadness subsides, but I am happy that they will be happy.

The lady they are going to has very similar ideals regards their safety and welfare, which struck a chord, and is really helping us adjust. She has had cats before, and was looking to home some lovely felines when she heard from Fred that ours were in need, so perfect timing all round. Many, many thanks to Fred for liaising.

And if this all falls through at the last minute? I doubt it will, but we do have a 2nd option... we were lucky enough to have 2 suitable carers come forward, so I can let my mind rest peacefully that Minky and Spook won't be homeless. More thanks to everyone who has expressed their concern and tried to help us with this, you really have made a difference.

This is a permanent move, so it's unlikely we'll ever see them again, although I do hope that we'll get occasional messages to let us know how they're doing. It wouldn't have been on to ask someone to foster them for an indefinite period of time, being as we don't know if we are even coming back, let alone when. And it would be unfair to the cats and their carer to suddenly turn up one day and whisk them away. It'll be ok though... the more I hear from their new carer, the more content I am.

It's probably expecting too much of myself to be working on new designs and putting together the baby Hat collection through all this upheaval, but it's keeping me anchored. It's ticking over slowly, and so far, so good. The majority of the designs are finished and we have most of the photography to do (oh, how little boys love to wriggle!) and then to put it all together.

When he sits still for more than 3 seconds, Aran makes a very fetching model ;)

I'm having a destash sale over on Etsy for hand dyed luxury fibres. Most of these were used for the handspun yarns I was making and selling, but I'm not really doing that anymore and so they're not needed. Besides, my storage area in the bus needs some room to breathe ;) I've still got most of my fibres and fleeces - I'm not giving up spinning altogether! Just that a while back I came to the decision that designing Hats and listing the patterns was the way forward for me, and that selling ready-made Hats and handspun yarns wasn't working as well, particularly now we have Aran. I work at my own pace and to my own rules with designing and self publishing; ideal for our new lifestyle.

I suspect there'll be lots of photos of the cats appearing on this blog over the next week or so...

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