When we first got the bus plans underway, it was a done deal that our cats would stay at my dad's. It might not have been my first choice for them, but it was safe enough and we didn't have to say goodbye forever. I suspect now, from the way my dad's been talking, that they'd made up their minds a long time ago that they didn't want the cats and failed to tell us until a few weeks ago.

We did our best, and thought we'd found an ideal foster home, only to find out (via a 3rd party, I might add) that she's not interested anymore. So now we're back at square one and we're supposed to be leaving in 3 weeks.

I'm getting fed up with people making promises and letting us down. Fair enough, this isn't a little thing, it's a commitment we're asking someone to make. But you'd think folk would have the balls to tell you they're gonna let you down, rather than let it linger on and on, which helps no-one. If you can't help, just say so, y'know?

I've been in tears most of the last 24 hrs since we found out our 2nd option had failed.

So the passport people needn't worry about getting them back to us, because we can't go anywhere until we've found a safe, good home for Minky and Spook.

We're getting desperate to find the ladies a nice home, so if anyone knows of anyone, please, please email me. We'd be eternally grateful. We won't leave until they're settled, and dropping them off at the local Rescue Centre is not an option.

Also note that a) my periods have started kicking in after the birth and b) I'm off the meds, and judging by my current emotional state, they're well and truly out of my system.

Tom's back is on the mend but still can't work on the bus, he needs to give himself enough time otherwise he'll end up bed-bound again. Sheila is past the infectious stage and has been round to give Aran cuddles. Aran still has a slight cold but he's sleeping better. All in all this means I've been getting some rest.

I wouldn't mind knowing what we've done wrong on the karma stakes, though.


ETA - ok, here's some shots of Minky and Spook. Spook is the fluffy tabby (a Maine Coon) and Minky is the slinky black lady. They are happy living in a flat, can use a cat-flap and are just as happy in a garden. Sociable, friendly, characterful cats that are pretty well behaved and it's unlikely they'll have issues with other cats (although Spook might sulk for a while). They're about 6 yrs old, and have never had any health problems. Spook would brush herself if she could and Minky likes to tell you when it's bedtime.


Writing an 'ad' for them is breaking my heart.

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