Aran has a slight cold, Tom has put his back out and can hardly walk, so the last 18 hours have been difficult. We're in London, and even though Grandma Sheila lives 20 mins walk away, she's got shingles so can't help out either. This morning I've woken up feeling at my wits end. I just don't have the strength to look after both boys 24/7. If you have any spare healing vibes, could you send them this way?

So I really should be doing better things with my (little) spare time, instead of procrastinating and getting involved in copyright discussions on Ravelry. Funny, the things we end up doing to avoid doing what we should be doing... as if anyone would willingly get involved in a copyright discussion?

Still, my design mojo has returned. There was me thinking that a collection of baby Hats would be a fun and welcome break from working on book 2, with all it's heavy colourwork and maths, and something much easier on the brain during this hectic time. Wanting to keep the Hats within a specific skills range, so that beginners' would be confident knitting them is a key element. A little quirky ala Wormhead, but no complex techniques or lengthy instructions.

And you know, trying to design to a set skill level has really thrown my brain off skilter! It's harder than you think, deliberately designing simple patterns. We may start off working such patterns as fledgling designers, but we progress onwards and upwards and easily forget what's required for a beginner or intermediate pattern (well, I do - I tend to go with the flow for my designs, using whichever techniques I feel are appropriate)

Still, at around 9.13pm last night, my mojo returned. Not that I have enough hours in the day to test knit them all and write the patterns before I forget, so thank frack for my little design notebook.

Another positive note - we now have our solar panels for the bus, the useful kind that also work in overcast conditions. We've 6, and that'll keep us in lighting and more quite easily. Our fridge is a 3-way so will work on gas too, but heck, we'd like to run it with minimal fuel costs!

The PO have finally accepted that our passport application forms are correct, that my writing isn't too big or too close to the edge of the boxes. Before we know it our new shiny passports will arrive, and we can book the ferry.

Sadly though, the Mayor of London hasn't listened to my whinging and allowed an exemption clause to the emission charges for poor bus dwellers who live ecologically, and who would like not to pollute the environment further by making 20 journeys in a clapped out petrol car instead of one journey in a 50% bio-diesel self-build bus conversion.

Think I might go for a walk before the boys wake up; better for me than staring at a computer screen, methinks.


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