Do you remember that over 2 months ago our car was stolen? Our trusty old banger, the most reliable car I'd ever had (!)?

Well, almost 2 months to the day, it was found by the police. The saw it parked up, and then 3 youngish passengers get in... the police did a number plate check, and low and behold, it was our car.

Rather odd in the first instance, as normally when an 18 yr old Ford Escort gets stolen you normally expect to find it burnt out or otherwise dumped within a couple of weeks. You don't expect the thieves to still be driving it 2 months on! I mean, they'd have to put petrol in for starters...

All of Tom's tools that were in the boot had disappeared, along with all the CD's that were in the glove box. No surprise, really. Everything of value had long gone, and all that remained of our stuff was the usual junk you'd find in the boot.

The ignition wiring had been pulled out, but other than that, there was no damage to the car. The people who stole it knew what they were doing, which makes it seem even stranger... why would even a half experienced car thief bother with our old banger? Maybe they thought no-one would notice?

The 3 suspects consisted of a young woman, a male passenger and male driver, both of whom had previous (for car theft, amongst other offences).

We've just had the outcome in from the police. It makes for interesting reading. Sensitive details have been removed from the following quote:-

"The driver admitted the offense and was charged with TDA ("taking and driving away", aka theft of a car) and driving with no insurance. He appeared at Court where he was convicted and was fined £60 and disqualified from driving for 6 months.

The female passenger admitted the offense and was charged and appeared at Court. The Court decided not to hear the case against her and dismissed it so she was not convicted of any offences.

The 2nd passenger denied the offence in interview so was bailed to return to the Police Station pending a CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) decision. Since the Court would not prosecute the female even though she admitted the offence, it was decided it would not be in the public interest to charge the 2nd passenger as that case would also be thrown out of court.

The result in our opinion is very disappointing and I am sure you feel dissatisfied as well. However we are pleased that we managed to get your car back to you and I hope this is of some consolation."

So let's not mention the theft of our other property. And as for how the Court dealt with this... make of it what you will.

Tom insisted on getting his own back after I posted a photo of him alseep yesterday. All's fair in love and war, right?

However, a photo of me isn't enough to cheer up this post, so here's some shots of recent (secret!) knitting....

Still need cheering up? Well how about these sheepy knickers that Bow (SIL) bought me.

ps/ you realise that I'm not really counting all the reasons to leave the country, and that number is made up? There probably are 6, 213 reasons but I couldn't say for certain...

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