I need reminding that there is only so much that one woman can do at any given moment. That time plays along to it's own merry tune, and despite it being a constant, it can't be relied upon, bargained with or ignored.

Tom says I'm a workaholic and that I'm my own worst enemy. I say tell me something I don't know ;)

I'm doing the baby Hat collection. I've asked for volunteer test knitters and have been overwhelmed with the response. I normally do all my test knitting myself, so this is a new and interesting path. It's a good compromise - I get to entertain this latest idea and see it through to fruition without pushing myself as much as I would otherwise.

However, it still feels a little... strange. I've always said I wouldn't go the baby Hat route because it's too obvious, or predictable, yet here I am. It'll be a fun diversion, I'm sure.

I wonder what life would be like without this creative demon that seems to be possessing me?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead