I have no patience.

I should have saved this one for the book, but somehow, by sharing it here, I felt the urge to finish the pattern and publish it. So here it is - on Ravelry and on my website. Besides, the next book won't be ready for ages yet. The pattern has been ready for a few days, but adding code to websites and finishing graphics requires an alert mind and two hands, and these are harder to come by than you think, when you have a wee one around.

It's knitted sideways, which is how that mitred design comes around. The design is somewhat mathematical and I really enjoyed working it out and knitting it, so I hope others enjoy it to!

I've included 2 charts in the pattern, which between them make up 5 sizes. With colourwork like this it's really hard to effectively grade a pattern without loosing an element of the colour design, so didn't want to compromise it anymore than I have.

I've given yarn quantities to the nearest 25g - I find it misleading sometimes to have the ball quantity given, especially with one like this that uses 4 colours, as you really don't need all of the 4 balls. Often, also, people who like to knit colourwork patterns will often use leftovers from another project, or make a purchase of a set of colours last for 2 or 3 pieces. So you need most of a 50g for the main colour, and only half of a 50g ball for the other 3 colours, at most. As always, yardage and meterage is given, along with imperial and metric measurements.

Thanks to Wye Sue for the name. And by way of a booby prize, she's received a copy of the pattern.

I'm really worn out today. Aran has had a couple of restless nights, and the last few weeks have been a bit stressful. This is Tom's last week at work, with today his last full day for the foreseeable future (half days for the rest of the week) and then the madness really kicks in.... we've a bus to move in to!

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