That previous issue? Sorted, basically.

In these sorts of situations neither party will be entirely happy with the outcome, but hopefully we've reached an amicable conclusion and have both learnt lessons (which is no bad thing, right?)

So let's say no more about it.

Runnin' Beanie is an old design. Designed 2 years ago on the train up to Woolfest, I came home and posted it on my blog. A knitter had some trouble with the pattern, I took it down so I could double check it, and it kinda sat there...

Last year, having forgotten all the reasons for why I took it down, I re-knitted it and rewrote the pattern. I was trying to grade it so as to be able to offer more than one size; you know this is an issue for me, these 'one size fits all' patterns that just don't. But the gauge and pattern didn't allow for grading technically.

Now, it is easy to accommodate different sizes with the ol' different yarn, needles and gauge trick. Yet somehow, that always feels like cheating to me. Yeah I know it's a valid (and popular) method but I'm a bit of a masochist who enjoys the technical challenge. And so this pattern just sat around whilst I tried to work it out.

In the end I had to concede that it just wasn't possible to grade the pattern. It isn't for 2" size increments at least. So I've included notes about resizing, and heck, that ladder stitch is so stretchy that just that one size will fit a lot of heads! (but not all)

It's a freebie PDF up on Ravelry. I haven't played around with the coding yet and got it up on my website as that requires a) me to be awake, b) enough time to concentrate which needs c) the little guy to survive without his mummy for an hour or so. Soon, I promise.

Enjoy the weekend!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead