I appreciate everyone's concern and support, I do, but I don't want this to get messy, and it is.

I've been in contact with the lady and we've been having friendly emails and dealing with things amicably, which is good. The ball's in my court now yet I don't fancy the 'bad guy' slot so I'm not sure what to do next.

Can I re-iterate that I didn't share any links to the other work because I didn't want to sit here accusing people of copying? My fault, I should have realised that folk would go off to see what I was talking about, it really didn't cross my mind when I posted.

I hate these situations; this is all sitting uncomfortably on my shoulders, and I'm sure the other crafter isn't too happy either.

Of course ideas get recycled and as I said previously, it is possible that this work has been created without ever seeing mine. I know all this, and have tried to be objective. But I can see this getting out of control now and that's not good.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead