I was just browsing Flickr, when I spotted some Hats that looked very familiar. Other times when I've spotted Spiral Hats on Flickr I've been credited, or my tutorial has, for the inspiration which is cool. These ones weren't, but no worries. I then noticed that she's selling them on Etsy.

It is entirely possible that she's come up with these without ever having seen my work. I'd hate to accuse someone of copying when they haven't.... it's a horrible and messy thing to do. Heck, I've been living in a bubble for an age, so for all I know the world is full of spiral Hat designs.

On the other hand, Siren, Rapunzel and the others aren't exactly common designs or styles. I'm not the first to freeform crochet, far from it! But these use a particular technique/method and this woman's Hats are identical. Infact, they're just like Jack Frost and Blue Medussa - spikey spirals.

In my tutorial it does say that the items made aren't to be sold. And my spiral Hats didn't exactly go unnoticed when I first started making them.... heck, they even got featured in Make magazine, and it was probably these Hats that got the Wormhead name out there!

So should I do anything, and if I do, what should I do?

Y'see, it's not just a possible copyright issue. In the UK we have automatic design rights too, so if an original piece is designed and someone tries to copy it, they can get in trouble. It's pretty hard to prove an original idea, damn hard infact.... but you'd have thought that these would have fallen into the unique category, no?

Won't blow the whistle and share a link just incase I have got this out of proportion, but I could use some advice here.....

Have I got this out of proportion? Have my hormones got the better of me or should I try to straighten things out with her? Or should I just let it go and get my ego in check?

Am I getting paranoid after reading all the copyright discussions on Ravelry?

Rescue Remedy and a gentle talking to, please....

AuthorWoolly Wormhead