I've been on heavy duty meds for so long that I've forgotten this feeling.... being nervous AND excited!

Tom has less than 2 weeks left at work, and we're aiming to leave roughly a month after that, end of July or beginning of August. It's all happening now....finally, after all this time, it's a reality!

We're having trouble finding a new home for our furry monsters. Originally we'd planned for them to stay at my Dad's but the folks aren't so keen now. They like to travel a lot and have gotten used to no responsabilities. And if I'm honest, my Dad's place wouldn't be my first choice... my first cat was hit and killed by a car whilst living there, and I'd worry no end. It's causing me to be quite anxious, really. I've checked in with some girlie friends, cat lovers, so hopefully between us we'll get something suitable sorted. It's bad enough that we have to leave them behind.

I wonder if now is the right time to be reducing my meds?! I've been on a low dose for some time now, so it's time to try life without the AD's. Perhaps I should hunt through my Bach's remedies to see if I have something more specific than Rescue Remedy....

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