I know, I know, if Worrying were an academic subject I'd be a top class student. I've got things into perspective now... just needed to get things down with virtual pen and paper.

This week we've been in Essex, doing all things bus. Yesterday Tom had his category C driving test (for big beastie trucks) and he passed! Way to go Tom :D This is ultra good news, as not only is he licenced now to drive the bus, but will also be able to get temping work around Europe should we get short of cash... driving the big beasties pays pretty well.

He did his test in an 18 tonner and only used half a bottle of Rescue Remedy ;)

Aran was 13 weeks old on thursday - time is doing it's own thing again. The little fella is rolling over happily and desperate to get up on his legs. We think he'll skip crawling and go straight for the big boy stuff. He's teething too, which seems about right seeing as he's doing most things ahead of time (go boy, beat that time at it's own game!)

Here's the little dude looking as cute as ever...

And here are the boys hanging out in the bus. You can see it's coming on a treat inside, although with the driving course & test this week Tom's not got a lot done.

We won't be able to make it to Woolfest, alas. Tom's work have been putting on the pressure and forced his hand, so he's given them a last date of work as that friday, the 27th. He's happy to be leaving, especially after all the crap they've been giving him lately. We won't be going to Glastonbury either this year; it's sacrifices all round (although it would be a tad difficult to make both...) Every spare hour now is spent getting us ready to leave - yey!

Thanks to grandparents wanting to have fun with the little fella this week, I've had a chance to do some knitting and have started working on some of my new colour designs. This is about as much as I can share, as it's for the next book (I've started the knitting for the next book - woot!) and I prefer not to reveal too much. Feels good to be doing it, must say.

So that's us for the week, back to London tomorrow.

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