I am feeling much better today, thank you for all the well wishes!

I now have a district nurse for post-operative care and my tummy is feeling much more comfortable. I've still got to take it easy physically, which for me is easier said than done, particularly now the grey clouds in my mind are lifting.... just like that I'm thinking ahead; planning and scheming, my metaphorical itchy feet running away with themselves.

It's been a beautiful day here and we managed to go out for a walk on the nearby common which did me the power of good. What with the slow recovery and anaemia (which has also improved loads), and the problem of living on top of a hill, I've not been well enough to walk myself to the end of the street let alone with a buggy and Aran. Having Tom come out with us for a family stroll rebuilt my confidence and am itching to get out again.... cabin fever is an evil thing.

Tom is still off work to help look after us, but work have started the "when will you be back?" phone calls, which have peeved Tom no end. Flippantly this morning he remarked that he felt like taking his whole months' leave and then quitting.... and I got thinking that that wasn't such a bad idea.

It's not gonna take a genius to notice that some while back we made a decision to stay in the UK for the birth. The closer it got to my due date the dafter it seemed to up sticks and go - we wouldn't have been settled for long enough before the fella came along. As much as I felt defeated by this, in hindsight it was a wise choice.... given all the health problems since birth, it'd have been far worse abroad, with a language barrier and medical bills to boot.

Now though, the sun is out, places far away are calling and hell, why shouldn't Tom take that month off paid and then hit the road? In a month we can finish all the things the bus needs to be ready (which isn't that much)... I should (should ;) be much better physically and we can start our new family life as we intend to live it, rather than continue to feel stuck here. Because as we all know, being stuck here is our worst nightmare and a 1st class ticket to the psychiatric wards of the local hospital.

Susoolu then goes and plants another seed of an idea... by suggesting a family holiday in Cumbria at the end of June. Perfect to give the bus a decent run, get our little man used to long distance travelling, etc etc. After making this suggestion to Tom it didn't take too many brain cells to work out why I'd want to be in Cumbria at the end of June... so he's thinking about it.

The way I see it is that we can keep talking about it, and before we know it we'll be enrolling Aran for a local primary school whilst his mother hangs out in a straight jacket. Or we can just get on and bloody well get out of here. Personally, I vote for option 2.

Because we're all cheery and happy here, here are the obligatory baby photos of Aran being all cheery and happy too.

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