Mary Rowe recommends using a teleidoscope for experimenting with colour and pattern in her book Knitted Tams. So being as I had all that yummy yarn on order from KnitPicks, I stuck one of their cheapy scopes in the shopping basket too.

Great fun! Very handy for making pretty patterns from things like balls of yarn....
(click each image to enlarge and get a proper nosey at the pattern)

Also curtains..
(yes, we have orange curtains)

How about other things you find around the home, like cats?

And boyfriends.....

Or babies.....?

Note - we found the cheapest camera took the best results through the scope, as any half decent digital camera tried to compensate - these were taken on Tom's mobile phone. For a seriously trippy time, use the scope with a video camera and go for a slow walk....

ETA:- I've found somewhere in the UK where you can purchase a teleidoscope cheaply - clicky here. Also, found a guide on taking photos through a scope - clicky here!


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