The Hat sale has been so succesful that over 80% of my Hats have sold! The cash will come in very handy for a number of things, including paying for this lot....

A very helpful and lovely Raveller enabled me to recieve this lot - 52 balls, 2.6kg of KnitPicks wool! Oh yes, I'm lucky enough to have loads of the yummy stuff that us folk on this side of the pond can't normally get hold of. It's mostly Wool of The Andes (worsted weight) and Telemark (sports weight) in a rich variety of colours.

And thanks to an Ebayer who's been destashing, this yummy bundle has also arrived....

34 skeins, 1.7kg of seriously lush Shetland 4ply! Like the Knitpicks yarn, the colours, balls/skeins are either 50g or 100g quantities, again in the most wonderful shades and tones.

So why all this yarn? Well it's for the next book, of course! All about colourwork - 'Getting Stranded' - a collection of top-down, bottom-up and sideways Hats with an eclectic and modern mix of colours and patterns.

It's all very much in the planning stages still, and will no doubt take a lot longer to produce than Going Straight, mainly due to new family life. Along with the yarn already purchased and stuff in my stash I should have enough for the book and then some..... have had to buy a lot more than was needed for GS, but isn't that the way with colourwork? A single colour Hat may only need 100g, but with a mutli-coloured one you could need 50g+ of 3, 4 or even 5 different colours. Not that I'm complaining, of course.....


Robiewankenobie asked about our travel plans.... it's something we've been planning for a long, long time but we've had a heck of a lot of set backs. Tom's a traveller and has spent most of his adult life moving around and living in various parts of mainland Europe, so between us we know plenty of people, sites and communes to visit. Neither of us are very good at staying in bricks and mortar ;)

In terms of keeping our heads above water financially, Tom's an old hand at the festival circuit and will have no trouble getting seasonal work. The revenue from book and pattern sales will never be enough to live on in London, but on the road it will be sufficient. There'll be no rent or bills to pay as we'll be basically self-sufficient, but even if we do need to pay to stay at a few communes it'll be a matter of a few Euros each week, a fraction of what we pay now.

To know more, the best thing to do is check the Truck archives, although I'm not sure how far back that goes.... think I need to go back and re-organise the travel archives, tidy them up a bit. But it's all in there somewhere, I promise!

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