Would you believe it.... another blog post. Before you know it I'll actually be emailing people.

Yesterday saw us out and about. Little Aran has not only spent his first nights in the bus, but now has had his first experience of a boat! We went to a barbecue on a house boat moored at Battersea, and the weather couldn't decide if it was windy or sunny. Aran isn't keen on either yet he was the best behaved baby ever.

I was allowed a sort of break and had a couple of glasses of red wine, which in hindsight wasn't a good idea. Still, it was fab to be out and about, and for the little man to experience more of his parent's lifestyle.

Notice how I've allowed a photo of me to creep in here? I know I've just had a baby and will hardly be looking my best! But you know how it is when your self image is low and you're feeling crappy.... no amount of nice words will make much difference... it's how you feel inside. I think my dreads look good though!

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