Can you believe it's 10 weeks already? Isn't Aran looking grand! He's already started the 'stuff it in my mouth' phase. Fun, fun, fun...;) The little fella is a superstar on the routine and sleeping stakes - a regular feed guy who sleeps from 8.30pm through to 4am. We get to sleep too :D

Sorting through the latest photos I found a couple Tom had taken of me and they are seriously depressing. Like, hideous. Photos of me are awful at the best of times but after a long period of inactivity and poor health, they make me want to cry.

I saw our practice nurse on wednesday for another post-natal check up, being as my 6 week check was hindered by infections. My healing, wound site and general post birth malarkey is at the point she'd expect for 2 weeks post birth, not 10. So these damn infections have set me back by 8 weeks. Blah. Still, it was the most reassuring chat I've had with anyone in the know for a long time, and she made me feel a whole lot better about stuff.

Have been a bit quiet lately, not talking much... am trying to post regularly to this here blog to snap myself out of my hibernating habit.

We spent last week down in Essex - Tom worked on the bus and me and Aran chilled out in some fresh(er) air. The plumbing is all done on the bus (except the shower, but that's not urgent) - we have running hot water and central heating! The flooring is going down next and the larder needs a lick of paint. The electrics still need finishing (lights), otherwise.... she's nearly done! No promises, but we might make Woolfest.... might ;)

Here's a of dodgy photo taken on Tom's phone.... she looks much better in proper light! That's our bedroom at the far end; kitchen to the right, shelving & table etc to the left, loo/shower behind to the left.

Aran spent his first 2 nights in the bus. The heating wasn't finished until the end of the week, so when the weather turned we became light-weights and slept in the spare room indoors - saved us worrying about him getting too cold at his tender age. Now that we've got the heating working (which we can use with a timer and everything - seriously posh travellers, us) night times will be more tolerable for the little fella.

Getting there!

ETA - Bus gallery and gallery for baby Aran.

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