I've been considering releasing the patterns from Going Straight as individual patterns..... any thoughts on this?

Each one would be the same price as my other patterns (£2) so it would still be stacks cheaper to buy the book compared to the collection individually. I'd include the relevant kitchener tutorials with the pattern, although the book will have the advantage of having all the tutorials.

If I do publish them individualy the book will still stay on sale (obviously!) and it won't be until September at the earliest. There'll be no refunds or discounts if customers buy both the pattern(s) and the book, which is probably the only potential problem I can think of now.

I have been asked a few times about selling the patterns seperately, and although I think the book is better value for money, I'd appreciate some more feedback on this....... thanks :)

ETA- thanks for the feedback so far!

ThereYouGoThen has made an interesting suggestion - publishing the tutorials as a seperate e-book. Now, would folk pay for tutorials? And how much should I charge? Hadn't thought about this as a book all about kitchener is in the works... but these tutorials as an e-book would be a good taster for that too, eh?

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