All of my Hats are now listed for sale... it's been madness here these last 24 hours!

I really, really didn't expect so much interest and so many sales when I reduced all the prices. Neither did I realise just how many Hats I had, although there are a lot less now ;) We've raised enough cash this weekend so far to buy our wood burning stove and the flu etc for the bus, which is just brilliant, thank you!

All Hats are now organised by style now, which should make things easier. If you've had trouble adding items to the cart, please give it 10 minutes then clear your cache and try again. There have been a couple of hiccups with the shopping cart, not sure why but me thinks it's because there's been so much traffic.... it's not the most sophisticated cart.

There are a *lot* of parcels to take to the post office tomorrow...... we'd be more than happy to take more ;)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead