So after my visit to casualty sunday night to have it confirmed that yes, my C-section wound is infected again, but it's ok because it's under the skin, the wound is healed and it's not weeping, so here's some antibiotics and be merrily on you way etc etc etc, things got worse.

The swelling, that was an abscess forming under the skin right in the middle of my wound, was getting bigger and bigger and more and more painful.

And then tuesday afternoon it burst, opening up my wound as it went.

So off I go to hospital, in an ambulance no less.

They admitted me for super dooper antibiotics via IV, the hardcore stuff straight into my veins. They gave me painkillers that made me sleep but still didn't kick the pain away completely. The doctor I saw yesterday was rather mean and gave it a good squeeze to get more of the manky stuff out, and said he wasn't keen for me to go home until it had stopped oozing, else I'd likely be back again. He also wanted me to stay on the hardcore drugs for the duration of my stay.

My veins couldn't handle the IV and started swelling and even the best of them couldn't find any more useful veins (I've had experienced nurses struggle to obtain a drop of blood from me, let alone insert a cannula), so the hardcore drugs ceased. The doctor I saw today was happy to send me home despite the fact that it was still oozing, because he thought 2 nights in hospital was enough, and what's a small infection anyway? Funnily enough, this was the same doctor that I saw in casualty the first time my wound got infected, the same doctor who sent me home with antibiotics and painkillers because it's only a small infection, right?

Thankfully all the test results showed that it's unlikely that I have MRSA, and instead have a really common infection caused by the regular bacteria that lives on our skin (SA). This basically means that the infections developed because my immune system wasn't able to cope... but it's not as if we don't know my body is crap at such things.

Meantime Tom and Aran have been having quality time. You don't need me to tell you that Mr Tom is a star and a natural at parenting - he's done us all proud whilst I've been confined. Aran was full of smiles and giggles and coos for me when I got home which bought a few tears to my eyes. It was lovely to hold him again, even if I did struggle.

I've been on antibiotics since sunday, had the hardcore stuff straight into my veins yet the wound is still producing mucky stuff and not yet healed. My blood pressure is low and mobility minimal.

What's the betting I'll be back at hospital within a week?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead