When I saw Rosie at the Knit & Stitch show at Ally Pally last autumn, she commented that our Baba was going to be one of the best dressed kiddies.... she wasn't wrong! Below is a feast of gifts and goodies, all of which little man has been making good use of. It's a little difficult to take half decent photos when you have a 5 1/2 wk old wanting attention (unless you're taking photos of him), yet we did pretty good.

These first 2 items are from Amy (of Going Straight/Knitty modelling fame) and they're from Oh Baby who have a store in town. The robot-on-a-skateboard print is now Tom's favourite ;)

Next up we have some funky gear from the grandmothers. 'Stop the Wailing' by Little Green Radicals from Grandma Sheila and the hedgehog top from Grandma Gloria. Check some of the other playsuits and t-shirts at Little Green Radicals - they are fab!

And now we have some hand knitted lovelies:- A cardigan and Hat arrived in the post from Flossie. We do have photos of Aran wearing these but they seem to have got lost in the flood of photos... as soon as they resurface I'll post them here.

Liz has been even more generous (after the purple knitted blanket and the tie-dyed sleeper) with this colourful cardigan, which again we have photos of Aran wearing somewhere....

Aren't they all fabulous gifts? Aran is a lucky little fella indeed, and he would like to say a big squeaky "thank you" (because he is the incredible squeaking baby) to everyone who has helped him on his mission to be the best dressed boy in town.

And here is the little man decked out in his froggy outfit from Carina, looking rather cheeky as he was in the middle of his favourite game (Play With My Nekkid Legs!) with his daddy. We've had the first lovely smiles but will he share them with the camera?

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