Aran had us fooled in the first week of new life, by sleeping for a good few hours at a time, letting us believe that this was the way forward.


The little man has decided that the world is far too interesting to sleep. Tom has returned to work after his paternity leave and now I'm left trying to get our little bundle of poo and wee to understand that not only is mummy recovering from major surgery and an infected wound, but that she's also very anaemic and doesn't have much energy. Heck, sometimes I struggle to lift him let alone keep him entertained for hours on end.

We've had to resort to the tried and tested methods, with limited success. The dummy worked for long enough to take this photo (all of 7 mins and 43 seconds) before Aran woke again.

However, dummy + car seat works a treat.

So it's a shame that some w*nker decided to steal our car sunday night. We're peeved, not so much at the car going (it's a Ford Escort, a joy-rider's favourite so we are surprised we've been able to keep it in this area for nearly 5 years) but more at the fact that some of Tom's tools were in the boot, including his favourite Makita drill, all of which are worth more than the car itself and aren't covered by the insurance. Arses. We've had our fair share of vehicle theft and crime now, don't you think?

Thankfully we could be given another car by the end of the week. Another Ford Escort, funnily enough.

Surprisingly, there's not been much yarny play of late.

I started these spirals after my water's broke and worked on them during labour.

There aren't quite enough for a Hat yet, as I want to make a big one, a grand affair, embellished and special as a commemorative piece, so we're waiting for another creative burst to come along.

There is some knitting on the needles too.

I want to make a special Hat for my midwife, Vlora, as a thank you for all her help, and am trying to write a pattern as I go. Ha! Deluded? I received this yarn as part of my reward for the published Arbacia pattern - 100g Fyberspates Scrumptious - and the colours are spot on for Vlora (more jade and purple than the camera will have you believe) I would have to pick something nice and easy like lace, huh? Wish me luck.

And now I have washing up to do, bottles to sterilise, washing to put out, emails to send, phone calls to make, letters to post, nappies to change, tablets to take, a bladder to empty and after all that I'm hoping for some sleep. Hoping.

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