Nope, sorry, Baba not here yet! When I was told this pre-labour can take a while, my midwife wasn't kidding. Been in this stage pretty much a week now, and my contractions aren't up to full force yet :(

Man, I'm seriously getting bored and uncomfortable. I've gotta be up to 3cm dilation by now (i.e. 'true labour', the next stage), being as I was 2cm on monday, no?

Mind, today - 7th March - is the very first date we were given for delivery by my GP, before we had the first scan that reckoned we were more pregnant than we realised and gave us the new, more 'accurate' date of 29th Feb.

Doesn't help that my birth countdown widget in the sidebar is under the impression that Baba should be here by now.

Honestly, all the signs that say labour is imminent have been and gone - the energy bursts, the bodily hints etc. Baba seems to have their own understanding of 'imminent'.


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