Thank you all for the positive thoughts on March Pisceans! I wasn't trying to be negative, but I have had some unpleasant experiences with the males of the species and can't help but worry.... don't want our Baba turning out like any of those. Daft, I know, and even Tom has taken to using firm words to snap me out of it.... funny how little things can irk us at the strangest times? Blame the hormones, I say.

Anyhow's, we have some news :D Seems BabyLongLegs may have been right with a comment she left a few posts back ;)

My midwife came round yesterday evening to discuss options and have a check to make sure everything is alright. And everything is good! Firstly, she's really happy with the position of my cervix (apologies to those that don't want to know) and said it is very positive for a first pregnancy. Then she tells me I'm 2cm dilated already!! Wahoo! I'm in pre-labour baby ;)

I could have sworn on sunday that pre-labour was starting, as I'd had all the signs and then a cosha contraction or two, and then nothing. Seems I wasn't wrong. It appears that I'm one of those ladies who has a slow pre-labour, i.e. the cervix takes it's time dilating steadily and slowly, which normally means a quicker and less painful labour :)

Cheered me up no end, that did! Poor Tom is so bloody excited that it's wearing me out - waking up this morning with the stupidest grin on his face, asking whether he should risk going to work. Like, he only works 10 mins away! In addition, the next stage of labour could still be a couple of days away... but I'm happy knowing things have started and are looking damn rosey. And I'm mightily glad that we won't need intervention too. (yes, we've tried one or two of the natural methods ;)

Very happy bunny - we'll be meeting Baba before the week is out!

If I was more inclined I could show you some photos of patterns that have been finished over the last few weeks, but somehow methinks that won't be as exciting ;) Besides which, I seem to be having a big failure complex about my designs right now.... those damn hormones again, no doubt, so will save them all up for a time when I'm more content with my work. (although you can go and have a peep at the patterns pages)

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