So yesterday was the due date, and zilch. Probably not really a surprise, huh?

My midwife is still convinced that it is all imminent, yet Baba is defying everyone and playing by their own sweet time. Typical. So now we'll have a March Piscean instead of a February Piscean... any close relationship I've had in the past with our Feb-born fishy friends hasn't been that good, so if anyone can tell me lovely things about March Pisceans, I'd appreciate some positive words (bearing in mind that Tom is a January Capricorn & I'm a February Aquarius!) Time to dig out my Linda Goodman books, methinks.

Many of you will know how I'm feeling now... the discomfort, the exhaustion, the moodiness. Don't have much motivation to do anything, even knitting can be left alone, although strangely I have managed to finish off a couple of patterns. That nesting instinct is still vaguely there ;)

Now all I need is the wind to calm down and stop penetrating my ear plugs. But in a week when the UK has seen it's worst earthquake in 25 years, has anyone been sleeping well, besides Tom?

Oh, and do not fear! Tom has been instructed in the fine art of blogging with photos, so you won't have to wait long for any news :)

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