Man, I can't believe how time flies! We haven't got long to go now before we meet this little offspring of us. Not long either before I can sleep on my front and take Ibruprofen for my back ache!

The last couple of weeks have been manic, work wise. I've been writing articles and interviews and press releases and a new CV. I've also updated nearly all of my patterns, with just a few more to go up in the next few days. Madness. I'm seriously fecking exhausted, I tell you.

Hopefully I've put enough measures in place to iron out possible problems, and for those that do crop up I'm directing everyone to the Ravelry group - that way I know that folk won't be ignored. If anyone feels they need an updated version of a previously purchased pattern, please email me directly with your PayPal reciept OR PayPal email addy plus approximate date of purchase and I'll send out a new file. I've changed host for the automatic pattern downloads, so don't have all of my customer log files anymore.

Otherwise, I'm going underground. General enquiries will have to go to the group as mentioned above - I won't have the energy or brain power to respond to everyone personally, I'm struggling enough now, and methinks I need a break for a while! Still, as I say, things should run smoothly. Gotta admit that I'm worrying too much and finding it hard to walk away from everything for a while, but I must for my own well being.

Right, that's enough work talk!

I've got a cold and in the last couple of weeks had to be tested for Pre-Eclampsia :( Not because my blood pressure was high but because the other symptons were there.... which we now know is due to anaemia, nothing worse. So I'm back with my old friend, the iron tablets.

Baba has been in position for a good few weeks now, and my midwife visit on Monday told us that their head is well and truly engagaed. Add that to the rumour that babies don't turn up late on Tom's side of the family, and the increased pressure I can feel & other signs, we may be closer than we think. It'll be just my luck that I won't get much of a break!

And - Hoorah! This afternoon I have my first physiotherapy appointment. Not bad, eh, considering it was back at the beginning of last June that I did my ankles in. Jeez - how many months wait is that?

Onwards and upwards.... *must* get out of work mode.....

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